Fleetdynamics offers solutions to cater to all clients – from the humble home office user with one vehicle to manage; through to the large corporate body needing a custom integrated solution for their fleet management services.

Using our online portal, all of our clients can see the exact location of all their tracked vehicle at any hour of any day; without the hassle of download and install cumbersome software onto a PC.

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Perhaps you’ve thought about a tracker for your personal car, but dismissed the idea as way too expensive? Well think again! Modern technology has changed everything and tracking has become affordable for anyone who needs it.

It’s all about peace-of-mind. Just think of the benefits:

  • Easily recover your stolen car
  • Keeping an eye on the kids when they borrow the family car
  • Produce a virtual map of your family vacation
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With just two wires to connect, our devices are so simple to install that anyone with basic car electrical experience can get it up and running and tracking their car quickly and easily.

Vehicle security

Picture the scene: you head down to the garage on a Saturday morning to wash and wax your pride and joy and you open the garage door to an empty space. The shock and disbelief – your car’s gone, stolen and you’ll never see it again!

It’s a sadly familiar story, but one with a happy ending when you have a Fleetdynamics GPS tracker installed. Within minutes you can tell the police your car’s exact location, ready for them to pounce on the low-life who stole it!

Shutdown module

The story gets even better with our optional shutdown module, which shuts down the ignition circuit, disabling the vehicle and making further escape in your car impossible. Aahh the joy of ringing the police, telling them where the car is, then shutting it down, followed by an immediate arrest! Who says revenge is a dish best eaten cold!

Re-starting it is as easy as clicking a mouse, when your car will spring back to life ready for you to drive it home again.

Insurance discounts

But the benefits don’t stop there. Many insurers will discount their premium by as much as 25% with a GPS tracker installed in your car – just ask your insurer for further details.


If you have a fleet of three or more vehicles then Fleetdynamics can get your business running smoothly and efficiently with bulk discounts on vehicle tracking.

When you need to know exactly where your drivers are and ensure they’re not “hooning around” or running personal errands in your vehicle, a Fleetdynamics tracker with its customised reports is just what you need.

And when time and fuel equals money it makes sense to optimise your drivers’ job routes to avoid costly travel with a Fleetdynamics tracker.

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Careful fleet management is the key to cost savings and bigger profits. You’ll reap the benefits of a Fleetdynamics tracker almost immediately.

  • Pick the best travel routes to save fuel
  • Keep an eye on private travel in your vehicles
  • Save time and fuel by improving job schedules in local areas
  • Deter your drivers from misusing and damaging your vehicles

Exception reports

Our custom designed reports will give your business exactly what it needs to maximise efficiency and profits, but Fleetdynamics also offers these exception reports as standard:

    • Vehicles speeding
    • Vehicles travelling outside timeframe
    • Vehicles leaving specific suburb or postcode
    • Vehicles stationary for over 10 minutes.


Email & SMS alerts

Automatic alerts can be tailored to suit your exact requirements and sent by instant email or SMS to warn you when one of your vehicles breaches a guideline such as:

    • Travelling over set speed
    • Moving outside a specified time
    • Leaving specified suburb or postcode


FBT management / logbooks

Throw away those time-wasting logbooks and put down your pens! Automatic trip logs are all part of the service, recording start and stop suburbs, postcodes and even kilometres travelled. These can be easily extracted and used as a virtual logbook.

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Corporate Solutions

Are you looking for a system that seamlessly integrates your fleet management with your corporate branding? Fleetdynamics is your answer! Our custom-designed service allows you to offer our products to your customers without appearing as a third party provider.

Many of our fleet management clients and large corporations with internal fleet management have found this particularly useful.

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Seamless data integration

When you need data on your server and in your database, the Fleetdynamics system can meet your needs using ASP.NET and web services to deliver it with total data security. It’s all done in real time, keeping your server as up to date as possible, ensuring your vehicle locations are accurate.

  • Data directly inserted into your own database on your own server at your location
  • Local data allows you to build reports based on that data to meet internal needs or customers’ needs
  • Fully re-branded web portal and reports available

Customised solutions to your needs

Whatever your business and whatever it needs, Fleetdynamics can design a tailor-made solution to improve your efficiency, reduce your costs and keep it on the right track, so please contact us for more details.

Plant, Construction & Mining

If you can’t be there to keep a watchful eye over valuable plant and equipment then at least you can rely on Fleetdynamics to track and monitor it, no matter where it is.

With bespoke solutions for everything from home office users to multinational miners, we have the answers to all your remote monitoring needs.

With Fleetdynamics there’s no need to install cumbersome software onto your computer. Instead, you’ll find it quick and easy to use our online portal to track the whereabouts of your plant, equipment and vehicles.

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