Are your Guys where they’re
supposed to be?
GPS vehicle tracking with no lock-in contracts
Real time, GPS solutions for passenger & commercial vehicles, trucks, machinery, containers & equipment. With no lock-in contracts and affodable payment options, keeping track of your drivers couldn’t be easier.
You work hard to keep your customers happy so why shouldn’t we? With no lock-in contracts and a 30 day money-back guarantee, you’re free to leave at any time. This means we are always offering the best possible customer service that is sure to impress.
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    Save Money

    Unauthorised vehicle use, unnecessary overtime, inefficient driving habits and unsanctioned fuelling are just some of the expenses you have to worry about when running a fleet. The Fleetydynamics portal helps you monitor and reduce these costs, increasing your bottom line.

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    Save Time

    Do you find yourself drowning in administrative paperwork? Dispatching drivers, managing timesheets and responding to ETA requests can take a big chunk out of your day. GPS tracking lets you see where your guys are, how they got there and how long they’ve been on site, all in real time.

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    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Stay ahead of the competition by working smarter, not harder. GPS tracking allows you to dispatch drivers quickly, offer real-time ETAs and automate your invoicing for maximum productivity and maximum customer satisfaction.

Help me find my drivers