Tracking Work Vehicles Over the Holidays

The Christmas holiday season is a fun time of year for people of all ages, and while businesses typically slow down during the holidays, that isn’t true for all industries. When you run a company that uses a fleet of vehicles to make deliveries, transport goods or transport people, you may have vehicles on the road right through the holidays. … Read More

Top Tips for Reducing Your Fine and Demerit Risk

With summer upon us and holidays a-plenty on the horizon, now is the time the cops are out in force. In most states this year, double demerits will start on Friday 23rd December until Monday the 8th January. Driving a vehicle for work changes the whole dynamic of the act of driving. Rather than just being a means of getting … Read More

Secure your classic car with these 4 gadgets.

Classic car owners lose a lot of sleep over their precious rides. You know the ones that will drive round the block 4 times before finding the ‘right’ car park. The ones that will request a window seat at a restaurant, not because it’s romantic, but because they can keep an eye on their precious toy. The ones who respond … Read More

Top Telematics Trends For 2017

The future of telematics is looking bright and FleetDynamics is very excited to be a part of that future for Australia. What once started as simple tracking systems using GPS to remain aware of vehicle locations has now grown into a complete data system. That benefits businesses in many different ways. In 2017, telematics is going to continue to grow … Read More

Tips for Improving Driver Safety & OH&S Requirements

When you operate and manage a large fleet, it can be a massive undertaking to keep tabs on where your vehicles are at any given moment and ensure driver safety. With today’s GPS tracking devices, you’ll get real-time updates on where your drivers are to improve productivity and also ensure you meet your OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) requirements. GPS … Read More

Businesses rely on GPS technology to recover stolen vehicles

Business owners are increasingly relying on GPS technology to locate and recover their stolen vehicles.  In the most recent case, a stolen fast food delivery vehicle was recovered on Monday night using the car’s Fleetdynamics GPS tracking device. Stolen fast food delivery vehicle recovered in Perth using GPS tracking device The device was installed in the vehicle to assist the franchise owner … Read More

How the Trucking Industry Thrives on GPS Tracking

It’s no secret that the trucking industry has been, and continues to be an integral part of Australia’a economic landscape. Both long-haul and local trucking companies deliver everything from mining equipment to restaurant supplies to Christmas gifts for friends and family members. Recipients of these deliveries just assume their order will arrive on time and in pristine condition, not always realizing how … Read More

Improve Business Efficiency with GPS Fleet Tracking

When you arm your fleet of vehicles with a high-quality GPS tracking system, there are many different business benefits to be had. One area that a GPS vehicle tracking system makes a big difference is with overall business efficiency. Any well-managed business is constantly looking for ways to streamline processes to get a competitive edge, and with GPS fleet tracking, … Read More

Mythbusting Month – 5 GPS Tracking Myths Busted!

GPS tracking has been implemented successfully with fleets of vehicles across the country for quite some time. But many fleet operators and drivers still strongly believe myths that prevent them from achieving the full range of benefits that GPS tracking systems can offer their organization. To help uncover the myths and present the truth in clear detail, this post will … Read More

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Fleet Tracking

It’s not easy managing a large fleet of vehicles from afar. With so many factors to account for including fuel consumption, road conditions, dispatching and maintenance of fleet vehicles, worrying about improving customer satisfaction is often an afterthought. Luckily, GPS tracking can help you kill two birds with one stone; you can better manage your employees and make your customers … Read More