6 benefits of superior GPS fleet tracking

Do You Know Where Your Drivers Are? GPS Fleet Tracking Will Help Your Business Efficiency Technology is moving forward at a rapid rate and businesses need to move just as quickly to stay ahead of the competition. New technology helps businesses to increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver better outcomes for their clients. GPS vehicle tracking is one example of … Read More

8 ways to save your business money with GPS Vehicle tracking

Here’s 8 Ways To Save Money For Your Business With GPS Vehicle Tracking Installing a GPS tracker in your company vehicles can save your business money in many ways, as well as improve the safety of your employees. Increase employee accountability, improve productivity and decrease unnecessary downtime with GPS vehicle tracking. 1. Save on fuel costs Fuel is one of … Read More

Is the 2G closure leaving you with nowhere to go?

 Is the 2G closure leaving your tracking system with nowhere to go? Talk to Fleetdynamics today! If your business relies on tracking technology then you’ve probably received notification from your technology provider that the 2G network is about to close in the next few months and you’ll need a new contract with upgraded equipment. And if you haven’t heard it … Read More

Fleet tracking in rural and remote areas is easy with Fleetdynamics

It’s a sad fact of life that theft is on the rise in rural Australia, with farm machinery and equipment a tempting target for thieves, while Australia’s mine sites have always had a problem with expensive equipment going missing when no one’s watching. If you’ve got valuable capital equipment operating off the beaten track, whether its farm machinery, mining equipment … Read More

Can fleet tracking solve your business problems?

Running a business isn’t easy these days, with a complex array of taxation regulations and other government requirements adding to the need to keep a watchful eye on your staff and your equipment. Happily, however, Fleetdynamics fleet tracking technology is making running a business just that little bit easier by acting as the eyes and ears of the modern business … Read More

Top tips for choosing a fleet tracking contract

If you run a business that’s on the move then it makes sense to keep a close eye on your valuable assets, right? If that’s the case then you’re probably thinking of taking out a contract for fleet tracking to meet your needs. These days there’s a bewildering array of choice out there on the market and you might find … Read More

Vehicle tracking service benefits.

Five reasons why a vehicle tracker answers your fleet management prayers If you run a business with a vehicle fleet then at some stage you’ve probably wondered just exactly where your vehicles are and what your drivers are doing, haven’t you? Wouldn’t it be great to put aside those nagging doubts about whether they’re at work or quietly enjoying a … Read More