When you need to keep track of powered or non-powered assets, whether they’re fixed or mobile, you need the set and forget reliability of Fleetdynamics Remote Asset Tracker.

It can be installed on anything from mid sized bulk containers to vehicles and boats, where its 4 AA batteries will reliably keep track of your assets for up to 3 years. It will allow you to check positioning every 12 hours through the easy-to-use Fleetdynamics online portal. Our clients have found it perfect for efficiently tracking fleets and individual vehicles, recovering stolen goods, tracking containers and much more. We strive to make it easy for you with a range of packaging and bulk purchase options. Is Fleetdynamics Remote Asset Tracker the answer to your tracking needs? Find out today by contacting us on 1300 087 225 or email sales@fleetdynamics.com.au to discover how Fleetdynamics can get your business on the right track.
  • Operates on Pivotel Simplex Satellite Network
  • Asset position updated every 12 hours
  • LEO - Low Earth Orbit
  • Detects Vibrations - Start and Stop
  • Altitude
  • Latitude / Longitude
  • Asset Speed
  • Full Street Address, Suburb, State, Postcode
  • Direction Heading
  • Number of satellites connected (signal strength)
  • In addition to the above; we also have a large number of exception reports and live alerts that can be set up to meet your needs.
  • Does not require telephone/mobile coverage, works globally
  • Runs on a battery, no wiring required
  • Rapid installation with adhesive or screw mounting
  • Robust design
  • 3 year lifespan on battery power
  • Batteries are easily replaced in the future (4 x AA Lithium batteries)
Optional Accessories
  • Cable for wiring into permanent power source
Fleetdynamics’ lifetime warranty on this hardware is subject to the conditions that the device was not tampered with, damaged by water or subject to poor installation.
Sim Included
Global Coverage
DIY Installation
Tamper Resistant
Live Tracking Portal
Geo Fencing
Vehicle Computer Integration
Optional Panic Button
Optional Driver ID
Optional Accident Alert
Fleetdynamics has a range of packages and bulk purchase options to perfectly match your business’s needs, so Contact Us Today on to find out how we can help get your business on the right track.