Fleetdynamics offers telematics solutions with unparalleled access to your fleet data, allowing you to monitor, manage and optimise your mobile workforce in real-time.
See where your entire fleet is at any given moment, dispatch drivers quickly and gain valuable business insights through a range of automated reporting options.



Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Our Driver Behaviour dashboard monitors and ranks your drivers’ behaviour allowing you to enforce your vehicle use policies and quickly respond to violations, improving safety and reducing unnecessary wear
on the vehicle.

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  • Improve driver safety and encourage safe driving habits.
  • Highlight areas of utilisation where you can reduce cost by
    improving driver efficiency.
  • Offer a platform for rewarding and incentivising drivers
    for good behaviour, rather than punishing for bad behaviour.
  • Meet compliance requirements for environmental emissions,
    OH&S and quality assurance regulations.
  • Improve organisational reputation by promoting a safe
    driving culture.

Individual monitoring

Monitor and manage driving habits via route replay with coloured icons highlighting infringement behaviour.



Driver Safety and Protection Options

Our driver safety and protection options help to improve emergency response times and keeps remote workers safe with optional roll over alerts or panic buttons.


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Driver fatigue management
Combat fatigue at both driver and fleet coordinator level with
a mix of software and accessory solutions designed to suit your own
fatigue management policies.

Panic button
Remote workers or lone operators can benefit from a panic
button, which alerts head office of an emergency event.

Roll over alert
Automated alerts can be sent to the fleet coordinator when a
roll over is detected.

Advanced crash detection
In the event of a crash, an automated alert can be triggered and sent to head office advising a nominated contact of the incident. We can also run in-depth analysis in the event of a crash and provide a
detailed report of the impact, including expected severity, direction of the incident, location and time of the incident, and prediction of the damage the vehicle experienced.

*Driver protection options may require additional software or accessories. Please request a quote from one of our consultants to include these options with your IVMS solution.

Fuel Tax Credits

Fuel Tax Credits* reimburse businesses for the excise embedded in the cost of fuel. We allow customers to maximise fuel tax claims by reporting on exact fuel use from fuel and GPS data, rather than manufacturer guidelines and safe harbour calculations.

We are even able to use existing data to retrospectively claim up to four years of rebates on both greenfield and previous claims.

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  • Reduce administration with BAS-ready monthly reporting.
  • Significantly higher accuracy when compared to ‘safe
    harbour’ or geozone calculations.
  • Improved opportunity of a return.
  • Highly auditable data trail
  • Partnered with Australia’s leading accounting firms.
  • Ability to claim retrospectively for up to four years


*We do not provide tax advice. We recommend all clients source their own independent tax advice for both Fuel Tax Credits and Fringe Benefits Tax. Refer to Fleetdynamics terms and conditions.

Advanced FBT Management

Our easy to use tracking portal records all usage to meet ATO compliant FBT reporting requirements. Users can pre-set personal and business points of interest for frequently visited locations, or use rule sets to define personal usage. Validate data using accurate travel records, and export reports to meet FBT reporting compliancy.

Access additional opportunities to reduce the benefit paid by identifying actual car park usage and unavailable days based on GPS coordinates.

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  • ATO compliant, automatic log books.
  • No need to continually enter trip purpose with an intuitive
    system that defaults subsequent trips to pre-identified locations.
  • Intuitive monthly reporting delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Highly auditable data trail
  • Easily identify drivers via our pool booking system or additional in-vehicle accessories.
  • Use accurate GPS data to improve validations for unavailable days and actual car park usage.

FBT for car parking

In the absence of data regarding carpark usage, employers have no alternative but to use the ‘safe harbour’ of assuming each carpark fringe benefit is provided 228 times in a year. In practice, the actual number of benefits provided is usually much lower, indicating a significant opportunity to reduce your FBT liability.

Using our telematics data, we can identify the actual usage of car parking bays, thereby reducing the number of benefits on which FBT is calculated. In addition to current year calculations, where historic data is available, there may be an opportunity to amend previous FBT returns to obtain refunds.

Advanced Vehicle Management (AVM)

The Advanced Vehicle Management (AVM) system is built to keep you and your drivers safe, give them peace of mind and reduce your unscheduled maintenance costs. This fleet management service is available free of charge for clients of our parent company Fleetcare who have a telematics device installed in their vehicle.

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Using advanced telematics technology, AVM alerts your drivers and provides assistance when the telematics unit in the vehicle detects one of the following incidents:

  • Low battery
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)
  • Crash
  • Towing event

When an incident occurs, an alert is sent to the driver via SMS or email, containing helpful information to assist the driver at the time of the incident. This allows your drivers to act quickly, follow appropriate steps and prevent any further related incidents from occurring.

Low Battery

When a vehicle’s battery falls below 11.8V, your driver will receive an SMS advice with a link to our low battery landing page for more information. This will ensure that your driver can resolve the issue that is causing the low battery before the battery is fully depleted. Our team will then contact your driver to confirm that the issue has been resolved. This can save you hours in unexpected downtime and additional replacement costs.

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)

When a vehicle error code is detected, your driver will receive an SMS with a code, a brief description, priority level & the action required by the driver. For high priority codes, our maintenance team will be in contact with your driver to assist them to resolve the issue. By proactively monitoring your vehicle, this will help to reduce unscheduled maintenance costs and vehicle downtime.


An alert is triggered when vehicle movement indicates a crash has occurred. An SMS is sent to the driver to ensure that they’re OK, along with a link to a landing page outlining what to do, who to contact and what details to collect at the scene. Our crash team will also notify the primary account contact and start the crash management process as soon as the alert is received. This gives you and your drivers peace of mind, ensuring no critical details are missed and your drivers are back on the road in no time.


There’s nothing worse than rushing from job site, to job site, only to find out that your vehicle isn’t where you’ve left it! An alert is triggered when your vehicle has moved without ignition present, indicating that your vehicle is being towed, and an SMS is then sent to the driver to notify them. Save hours of time and ensure your drivers are in control and back on the job as soon as possible.