Can Telematics improve your drivers’ driving?

When I was young many, many years ago, a friend of mine (we’ll call him “Neil” to protect the guilty) had a job which occasionally involved picking up brand-new vehicles from the Fremantle wharf and driving them back to the car dealership where he worked as a mechanic. In scenes reminiscent of that great movie The Italian Job, “Neil” and … Read More

Delivering Customer Satisfaction for your Delivery Business: 3 Top Tips.

If you own a delivery, logistics or supply chain business then your number one goal is to deliver the goods to the client at the right time and in good condition. Seems simple, right? And if you can achieve those goals then theoretically, you’ll have happy clients. But customer satisfaction goes much deeper than that. Something as simple as unprofessionalism … Read More

How to Keep Mobile Sales & Service Staff Accountable

Do you run a business with sales staff or service technicians that spend a lot of time on the road? How do you keep track of them and make sure that they’re where they say they’re going to be? A good external sales rep or service tech is worth their weight in gold in bringing in new business and keeping … Read More

A Tradies Guide to Managing Vehicle Expenses

The unavoidable truth of running a trades business is dealing with vehicle expenses. Between on-site quotes, picking up supplies and actually running your jobs, tradies spend a lot of time on the road. Calculating fuel costs, keeping track of log books or trying to find tradies when the customer says they didn’t arrive on site takes time and effort away … Read More

Calculating Vehicle Tracking ROI for your Business

Investing in GPS technology often yields immediate results for businesses by providing visibility into driver behaviour and fleet activity which can be used to improve business performance and increase customer satisfaction. But the quantifiable benefits come when you calculate the potential savings that you can achieve for a range of fleet expenses including fuel, vehicle maintenance and payroll. Your potential … Read More

GPS Tracking Legalities in Australia

Not only does GPS fleet tracking allow you to keep tabs on drivers, but they are also great money-saving devices because you can adjust for the most economical routes, using far less fuel as a result. Of course, setting up GPS tracking for your fleet of vehicles does carry with it certain legalities that must be observed to ensure you … Read More

Tracking Work Vehicles Over the Holidays

The Christmas holiday season is a fun time of year for people of all ages, and while businesses typically slow down during the holidays, that isn’t true for all industries. When you run a company that uses a fleet of vehicles to make deliveries, transport goods or transport people, you may have vehicles on the road right through the holidays. … Read More

Top Tips for Reducing Your Fine and Demerit Risk

With summer upon us and holidays a-plenty on the horizon, now is the time the cops are out in force. In most states this year, double demerits will start on Friday 23rd December until Monday the 8th January. Driving a vehicle for work changes the whole dynamic of the act of driving. Rather than just being a means of getting … Read More

Tips for Improving Driver Safety & OH&S Requirements

When you operate and manage a large fleet, it can be a massive undertaking to keep tabs on where your vehicles are at any given moment and ensure driver safety. With today’s GPS tracking devices, you’ll get real-time updates on where your drivers are to improve productivity and also ensure you meet your OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) requirements. GPS … Read More

How the Trucking Industry Thrives on GPS Tracking

It’s no secret that the trucking industry has been, and continues to be an integral part of Australia’a economic landscape. Both long-haul and local trucking companies deliver everything from mining equipment to restaurant supplies to Christmas gifts for friends and family members. Recipients of these deliveries just assume their order will arrive on time and in pristine condition, not always realizing how … Read More