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Whether you’re a business owner with a fleet of vehicles or an individual with a classic car, Fleetdynamics GPS tracking
devices are a simple, affordable solution that lets you track, monitor and manage your assets in real-time.

Our range of innovative, easy to operate tracking devices are designed to suit a range of applications and geographic
requirements with options that work on both cellular and satellite networks.

Features and benefits

Improve efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce costs

Monitor your fleet vehicles

See where your entire fleet is at any given moment, dispatch drivers quickly and gain valuable business insights through a range of automated reporting options.

Improve customer service

Get ahead of the competition with faster response times, accurate ETAs and improved invoicing accuracy.

Reduce labour costs

Reduce unnecessary overtime and administration costs associated with driver communications, logbook, time sheet and invoicing enquiries.

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Optimise driver routes, dispatch the nearest vehicle, reduce unauthorised use, eliminate fuel theft and decrease speeding and wasteful idling.

Increase fleet security

Telematics allows you to recover stolen assets quickly and easily which may reduce your insurance premiums.

Improve driver safety and OH&S compliance

Including speeding and harsh driving occurrences which puts the safety of your drivers and the reputation of your business at risk.

Real-time GPS telematics solutions  for passenger vehicles, trucks, machinery, containers and equipment.

With no lock-in contracts and affordable payment options, keeping track of your vehicles couldn't be easier.

Fleetdynamics Data Points Statistic

We are experts in handing big data. Securely hosted in Australia, you can be assured your data is safe.

Fleetdynamics Devices Sold Statistic

With thousands of devices connected to our platform you can be assured we have the capability to deliver what we promise.

Fleetdynamics Kilometres Travelled Statistic

Our telematics units are located throughout Australia and combined, our customers have travelled over a billion kilometres.

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Are your guys where they're
supposed to be?

 Real-time, GPS solutions for passenger and commercial vehicles. Keeping track of your drivers couldn't be easier.

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