Seamless integrated fleet solutions to improve efficiency, mitigate risk and reduce costs.

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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Our Driver Behaviour dashboard monitors and ranks your drivers’ behaviour allowing you to enforce your vehicle use policies and quickly respond to violations, improving safety and reducing unnecessary wear on the vehicle.

Fuel Tax Credits

Fuel Tax Credits* reimburse businesses for the excise embedded in the cost of fuel. We allow customers to maximise fuel tax claims by reporting on exact fuel use from fuel and GPS data, rather than manufacturer guidelines and safe harbour calculations.

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FBT Management

Our easy to use tracking portal records all usage to meet ATO compliant FBT reporting requirements. Users can pre-set personal and business points of interest for frequently visited locations, or use rule sets to define personal usage. Validate data using accurate travel records, and export reports to meet FBT reporting compliancy.

Advanced Vehicle Management

The Advanced Vehicle Management (AVM) system is built to keep you and your drivers safe, give them peace of mind and reduce your unscheduled maintenance costs. This fleet management service is available free of charge for clients of our parent company Fleetcare who have a telematics device installed in their vehicle.

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Driver Safety and Protection

Our driver safety and protection options help to improve emergency response times and keeps workers safe with optional roll over alerts or panic buttons.