Driver Safety and Protection

Putting your drivers first.

Our driver safety and protection options help to improve emergency response times and keeps workers safe with optional
roll over alerts or panic buttons.

Driver Safety Infographic

Driver protection options*

Driver fatigue management

Combat fatigue at both driver and fleet coordinator level with a mix of software and accessory solutions designed to suit your own fatigue management policies.

Panic Button

Remote workers or lone operators can benefit from a panic button which alerts head office of an emergency event.

Roll over alert

Automated alerts can be sent to the fleet coordinator when a roll over is detected.

Advanced crash detection

In the event of a crash, an automated alert can be triggered and sent to head office advising a nominated contact of the incident.

We can also run in-depth analysis in the event of a crash and provide a detailed report of the impact, including expected severity, direction of the incident, location and time of the incident, and prediction of the damage the vehicle experienced.

*Driver protection options may require additional software or accessories.

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