FBT Management

Accurate driver data meets streamlined reporting.

Our Fleetdynamics portal records all usage to meet ATO compliant FBT reporting requirements. Customers can pre-set personal and business
points of interest for frequently visited locations, or use rule sets to define personal usage. Validate data using accurate travel records,
and export reports to meet FBT reporting compliancy.

Access additional opportunities to reduce the benefit paid by identifying actual car park usage and unavailable days based on GPS coordinates.

Benefits of FBT Management

  • ATO-compliant automatic logbooks.

  • No need to continually enter trip purpose with an intuitive system that defaults subsequent trips to pre-identified locations.

  • Intuitive monthly reporting delivered straight to your inbox

  • Easily identify drivers via our pool vehicle booking system or additional in-vehicle accessories.

  • Use accurate GPS data to improve validation for unavailable days and actual car park usage.

FBT Management Portal Screen

FBT for Car Parking

In the absence of data regarding car park usage, employers have no alternative but to use the 'safe harbour' of assuming each car park fringe benefit is provided 228 times in a year. In practice, the actual number of benefits provided is usually much lower, indicating a significant opportunity to reduce your FBT liability.

Using Fleetdynamics telematics data, we can identify the actual usage of car parking bays, thereby reducing the number of benefits on which FBT is calculated, where historic data is available where historic data is available, there may be an opportunity to amend previous FBT return to obtain refunds.

*Fleetdynamics does not provide tax advice. We recommend all customers source their own independent tax advice for both Fuel Tax Credits and Fringe Benefits Tax.

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