Advanced Vehicle Management

Protect your drivers, protect your assets.

Our Advanced Vehicle Management (AVM) system provides in-depth vehicle condition monitoring via the on-board diagnostics unit.

How does it work?

One telematics technology records and alerts the driver when one of the following incidents is detected:

  • Low battery

  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)

  • Crash

  • Towing event

Once the alert is received and if the vehicle is fully managed by Fleetcare, we are able to provide additional assistance to keep your drivers safe and your vehicles in top condition, while preventing maintenance issues which may result in ongoing or expensive repairs.

Advanced Vehicle Managed Low Battery SMS Message

AVM alerts

Low Battery

When a vehicle's battery falls below 11.8V, your driver will receive an SMS advice with a link to our low battery webpage for more information. This will ensure that your driver can resolve the issue that is causing the low battery before the battery is fully depleted. Our team will then contact your driver to confirm that the issue has been resolved. This can save you hours in unexpected downtime and additional replacement costs..

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)

When a vehicle error code is detected, your driver will receive an SMS with a code, a brief description, priority level & the action required by the driver. Our maintenance team will also be alerted so that they can create future jobs for low priority codes, or offer immediate assistance for high priority codes. By proactively monitoring your vehicle, this will help to reduce unscheduled maintenance costs and vehicle downtime.


An alert is triggered when vehicle movement indicates a crash has occurred. An SMS is sent to the driver to ensure that they're OK, along with a link to a landing page outlining what to do, who to contact & what details to collect at the scene. Our crash team will also notify the primary account contact and start the crash management process as soon as the alert is received. This gives you and your drivers peace of mind, ensuring no critical details are missed and your drivers are back on the road in no time. 


There's nothing worse than rushing from job site to job site, only to find out that your vehicle isn't where you've left it! An alert is triggered when your vehicle has moved without ignition present, indicating that your vehicle is being towed, and an SMS is then sent to the driver to notify them. Save hours of time and ensure your drivers are in control and back on the job as soon as possible.

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