Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Monitor and rank your drivers behaviour.

Driver behaviour monitoring allows you to keep your most important assets safe - your vehicles and your people.

Our driver behaviour dashboard monitors and ranks your drivers' behaviour, allowing you to enforce your vehicle use policies
and quickly respond to violations, improving safety and reducing unnecessary wear on the vehicle.


  • Improve driver safety and encourage safe driving habits.

  • Highlight areas of utilisation where you can reduce costs by improving driver efficiency.

  • Offer a platform for rewarding and incentivising drivers for good behaviour, rather than punishing them for bad behaviour.

  • Meet compliance requirements for environmental emissions, OH&S and quality assurance regulations.

  • Improve business reputation by promoting a safe driving culture.

Driver Behaviour Portal Screen
Driver Behaviour Individual Monitoring

Individual monitoring

Monitor and manage driving habits via route replay with coloured icons highlighting infringement behaviour.

     Light blue: Regular data point

     Red: Vehicle exceeding speed limit

     Yellow: RPM over threshold

     Dark Green: Vehicle excess acceleration

     Light Green: Vehicle excess deceleration

     Pink: Harsh cornering

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