6 benefits of superior GPS fleet tracking
By Mark Schneider

Technology is moving forward at a rapid rate and businesses need to move just as quickly to stay ahead of the competition. New technology helps businesses to increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver better outcomes for their clients.

GPS vehicle tracking is one example of technology that will help you stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few reasons you should be making use of the latest global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking systems for your fleet.

1. Control

GPS tracking puts the you in the driver’s seat of every vehicle in the fleet. As a business owner, you can have total control over your mobile resources, all from the comfort of your office.

2. Productivity

This control converts directly to productivity. Because every vehicle is constantly tracked, managers are able to ensure that drivers are fully maximising their time on the road for the benefit of the business. They can accurately report the hours that they worked, while also reducing administrative time spent on log book reporting. A GPS tracking systems logs all of this information automatically.

GPS tracking systems have the added benefit of keeping drivers accountable which has been proven to reduce unauthorised overtime and fuel theft as well as decrease vehicle wear & tear through better driving practices.

3. Safety

Drivers will not only be more accountable for their whereabouts on your dime, GPS tracking will also make them safer. Firstly, drivers behave better on the roads when their vehicles are being tracked which helps to eliminate any bad habits like speeding, excessive braking or dangerous driving. Secondly, fleet managers know precisely where drivers are so help will quickly be at hand in the event of an emergency. Lone workers or drivers who spend a lot of time in remote locations can also have a panic button fitted which will alert head office in the event of a crisis.

4. Costs

Fleet managers have little control over the price of fuel, but GPS fleet tracking means you can effectively control how that fuel is being used. Because drivers are aware that their every move is known, GPS fleet tracking has been shown to significantly improve productivity and efficiency when it comes to the consumption of fuel. Vehicle idling is reduced, as is driver speeding and unauthorised vehicle use, while fleet managers have the ability to monitor driver routes and optimise for efficiency.

5. Fleet protection

GPS tracking means that if a vehicle in the fleet is stolen, it can be easily tracked and located in cooperation with authorities.

6. Brand Reputation

Brand perception is a valuable business asset and with faster response times, responsible driving behaviour, efficient service and error-free invoicing, your reputation and image will improve, translating to more positive feedback, more referrals and more sales.

These are just a few of the many benefits of GPS fleet tracking. How will fleet tracking help your business gain an edge over your competitors?

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Increase Customer Satisfaction with Fleet Tracking
By Mark Schneider