8 ways to save your business money with GPS Vehicle tracking
By Mark Schneider

Installing a GPS tracker in your company vehicles can save your business money in many ways, as well as improve the safety of your employees. Increase employee accountability, improve productivity and decrease unnecessary downtime with GPS vehicle tracking.

1. Save on fuel costs

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for a business with a mobile workforce. Fleet tracking allows you to reduce your fuel costs by eliminating wasteful fuel activities quickly. Reduce idling times, minimise mileage by dispatching the nearest vehicle, improve route efficiency, reduce unsafe or ‘heavy-handed’ driving methods and eliminate fuel theft.

2. Reduce insurance premiums

In some cases, insurance companies will reduce your insurance costs if a GPS vehicle tracking system is installed in your fleet. GPS vehicle tracking can monitor a vehicle if it is stolen, giving a higher chance of recovery. It also gives the insurance company peace of mind to know that you are keeping an eye on your driver behaviour.

3. No more log books

Your GPS vehicle tracking system eliminates the need for log books and time-consuming FBT reporting. A real-time, web based GPS vehicle tracker will keep accurate records of the time spent on the road, locations visited, break times and distances travelled, meaning that paper logs are no longer a tedious task for your office staff. You can also easily track personal vs business use for FBT reporting.

4. Reduce fleet maintenance costs

Keep your fleet on the road and spend less money on unforeseen repairs with preventative maintenance scheduling. With an accurate record of kilometres driven in your fleet cars, your GPS vehicle tracking system can show you when one of your vehicles is due for maintenance.

5. Faster dispatch to jobs

With a GPS vehicle tracking system installed, you can see where your fleet is at all times. This allows you to easily and efficiently dispatch the nearest vehicle to the next job, saving precious time and increasing profitability.

6. Reduce employee fraud

A GPS vehicle tracker will make sure that your employees are where they are supposed to be at all times, and not using your company vehicles for unauthorised purposes. You can also check if your employees are using your vehicles outside standard working hours, to complete side jobs or to transport friends or family, or any other suspicious activity quickly and easily.

7. Increase route efficiency

Save money on fuel and wear and tear by checking what route your employees use to get to each job. There may be a shorter or faster way to get between stops. This can also save you in costs of paying overtime to your employees, or improve efficiency by allowing another stop or delivery each day.

8. Increase invoicing and timesheet accuracy

GPS tracking allows you to generate accurate employee time sheets and customer invoices which reduces time sheet fraud and customer complaints. If excessive time is being taken at a designated stop, you can be alerted to this to improve efficiency and reduce cost over-runs.

With all of these potential cost savings for your business, the question is: Can you afford not to install GPS tracking? Call us today on 1300 087 225 for more help and advise.

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