Businesses rely on GPS technology to recover stolen vehicles
By Mark Schneider

Business owners are increasingly relying on GPS technology to locate and recover their stolen vehicles.  In the most recent case, a stolen fast food delivery vehicle was recovered on Monday night using the car’s Fleetdynamics GPS tracking device.

Stolen fast food delivery vehicle recovered in Perth using GPS tracking device

The device was installed in the vehicle to assist the franchise owner in tracking their delivery drivers for safety and customer satisfaction purposes. Hidden securely behind the dash, the device was undetected by the thieves when they stole the vehicle from the Perth outlet on Monday afternoon.

Once the franchise owner realised the vehicle was stolen, she contacted the GPS provider, FleetDynamics who were able to tell her the exact location of the vehicle which had been dumped, undamaged in Banksia Grove.

“It’s surprising how often we’re contacted to help locate stolen vehicles,” FleetDynamics Telematics Manager, Russell Bairstow said. “This is the third vehicle in as many weeks that we have recovered. While it’s usually not the primary reason our clients install GPS tracking, it’s a great benefit to have that added layer of security.” In separate cases, two other vehicles were recovered by police in Victoria with the help of FleetDynamics.

GPS vehicle tracking devices have gained in popularity in recent years, with many organisations seeing the benefits of knowing where their drivers are, at any given time. The devices use telematics technology to track a vehicle’s location, speed, route and heading. Usually connected via the vehicle’s OBD port, the devices can also monitor engine variables such as rpm, fuel usage, battery voltage and ignition status. Vehicle information is accessed via a secure online portal which allows users to monitor and report on vehicle movements.

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