Can fleet tracking solve your business problems?
By Mark Schneider

Running a business isn’t easy these days, with a complex array of taxation regulations and other government requirements adding to the need to keep a watchful eye on your staff and your equipment.

Happily, however, Fleetdynamics fleet tracking technology is making running a business just that little bit easier by acting as the eyes and ears of the modern business manager. If your business is on the move, you can relax and breathe a little easier knowing that Fleetdynamics is watching over your vehicles, your equipment and your staff and ensuring they’re always exactly where they should be.

Here are just a few ways Fleetdynamics tracking is making business easier:

Easier FBT management

Filling in logbooks is a time-wasting chore and you and your staff have got better things to do. With Fleetdynamics vehicle tracking you can throw those log books away and let our automatic trip logs take care of recording start and stop suburbs, postcodes and distances travelled, creating a virtual log book.

Seamless integration with your corporate branding

When you need to integrate your fleet management system with your corporate branding you can depend on Fleetdynamics’ experience to design a bespoke solution that seamlessly merges your branding with your fleet management needs.

Keep an eye on your drivers

Real time tracking will keep an eye on your vehicles and their drivers, giving you the reassurance that they’re exactly where they should be at any time of the day or night.

Maximise your vehicle efficiency

Becauseyou know where your vehicles are at any time it’s easy to maximise their efficiency by always choosing the nearest vehicle to any destination as well as the most efficient route to get there.

Monitor your vehicles

Your vehicles are valuable assets, so it makes sense to monitor their whereabouts around the clock, preventing unauthorised personal use. Exceptions and alerts provided through Fleetdynamics are the perfect way to let you know when your vehicles aren’t being used as they should be.

A watchful eye in remote locations

When you can’t be everywhere, Fleetdynamics GPS equipment can. Your Fleetdynamics online portal is the perfect way to track and monitor valuable mining plant and equipment as well as vehicles in remote locations. No matter the size of your mining operation, we have the bespoke solution to perfectly meet your needs.

If you’d like to learn more about how Fleetdynamics GPS tracking solutions can make your business life easier, please call us today on 1300 087 225.

Fleet tracking in rural and remote areas is easy with Fleetdynamics
By Mark Schneider