Fleet tracking in rural and remote areas is easy with Fleetdynamics
By Mark Schneider

It’s a sad fact of life that theft is on the rise in rural Australia, with farm machinery and equipment a tempting target for thieves, while Australia’s mine sites have always had a problem with expensive equipment going missing when no one’s watching.

If you’ve got valuable capital equipment operating off the beaten track, whether its farm machinery, mining equipment or anything else, then you deserve the reassurance of knowing exactly where it is at any time of the day or night. So how do you do that?

Fleet tracking in the bush

Thankfully mobile phone and satellite-based tracking technology has come to the rescue, keeping an eye on your assets when you can’t be there. If you have a farm, mine or business operating in rural and remote areas, then Fleetdynamics has the solution you’re looking for with a range of technology to keep track of those expensive vehicles and other assets.

GPS using satellite data

Take Fleetdynamics hybrid tracker for instance. It’s the perfect choice for tracking vehicles in remote regions because it uses Telstra’s extensive network to check on its position every 30 seconds. Telstra’s extensive network, impressive though it is, isn’t everywhere, however, so when it’s not our hybrid tracker will check your vehicle’s location every 10 minutes on the Iridium satellite network.

This compact device comes hard-wired into your vehicle, constantly tracking its location, reporting any un-authorised movements and vehicle speeds while telling you exactly where it is in what street. Vehicle theft is never something to be taken lightly of course, but at least with Fleetdynamics hybrid tracker you can be assured of your vehicle’s location should the worst occur. That’s reassuring isn’t it?

GPS tracking in remote areas and mines

With its range of features and total reliability is mining companies throughout Australia have come to rely on Fleetdynamics hybrid tracker to keep their operations running smoothly around the clock no matter how remote their mine site is.

If you need to keep an eye on your assets anywhere around the world, whether it’s vehicles, boats or even bulk containers, then a Fleetdynamics remote asset tracker is your answer. This battery-powered wonder uses satellites to track your assets for up to 3 years at a time, reliably checking their position every 12 hours.

Using GPS technology it provides essential information like latitude/longitudinal, asset speed and full details of addresses. Exception reports and live alerts can be tailored to exactly suit your needs.

Our clients have found the remote asset tracker and the Fleetdynamics online portal the perfect solution for tracking their fleets and individual vehicles, recovering stolen goods and more.

All Fleetdynamics tracking technology comes with a range of packaging and bulk purchase options perfectly tailored to your business’s needs, so if you need to know where it is and what it’s doing around the clock call us today on 1300 087 225 for a confidential chat about your tracking needs.

How GPS works

GPS uses the mathematical principal of trilateration to determine where a tracked object is and how fast it’s moving. When GPS receivers know the precise distance from at least three satellites (in practice more are always involved) then its precise location can be established.

How can GPS Fleet Tracking Benefit my Company?

With GPS you’re always kept in the loop on your fleet’s activity. The following monitoring tools allow you to stay informed and up to date on your fleet status, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Email and/or SMS alerts will be sent automatically should any of your predefined parameters be broken. These constructs include:

  • Travelling – A one off alert that notifies you if a vehicle has started travel

  • Out of designated zone – A fleet alert will be sent should any vehicles cross predefined geographical boundaries of your choice. Ensuring all fleet members stay within designated areas

  • Time Frame – Notifies you if vehicles are operating outside of predefined timeframes, hours of the day, weekends etc

  • Speeding – Set a maximum speed and receives an alert should a vehicle exceed that speed

  • Restricted Zone – Notification if a vehicle enters a restricted suburb or address

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