Launch of our new Fleetdynamics Tracking Portal
By Lania Mason

As part of our continuous effort to provide our customers with the best service possible, Fleetdynamics is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved Fleetdynamics Tracking Portal.

The new platform will improve the service we offer by delivering real-time fleet data, visibility and impact for any business operation.

What’s new?

The new portal is built on new technologies that allows a seamless cross-platform user experience. As well as a whole new look, customers will notice improved system performance, faster reporting and many new features.

We will also be introducing a ‘What’s new’ function allowing easy publication of new features as they are implemented into the platform.

The new portal will also introduce users to a new, improved security sign-in method, with account access moving to email-based login details. Fleetdynamics customers will be able to access the portal via various different identity providers, such as Facebook and Google.

Customers can download the new mobile friendly application from both Google Play and the App Store. These applications will be updated in the same development cycle as the web-based platform, ensuring that our phone app functionality remains in alignment with the web based portal.

How will this help Fleetdynamics customers?

The current platform our portal users are familiar with has been the workhorse for our customers over the past 10 years. While the platform has served us well, it has reached the end of its development lifecycle.

By migrating to a new infrastructure, we will be able to rapidly develop and implement new functionality, resulting in continued service optimisation for all our valued customers.

Access to the Fleetdynamics Portal is available on our website through the ‘Tracking Portal Login’ link.

As of Monday 15th March 2021, new customers will be able to access our new and improved portal.

Existing customers will have access to both our new portal and our legacy portal, which will be dismissed at a later date.

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