Top tips for choosing a fleet tracking contract
By Mark Schneider

If you run a business that’s on the move then it makes sense to keep a close eye on your valuable assets, right? If that’s the case then you’re probably thinking of taking out a contract for fleet tracking to meet your needs. These days there’s a bewildering array of choice out there on the market and you might find it’s all getting a little confusing.

Well don’t worry, because here’s a handy guide to help you find the deal that’s right for your business.

Make fleet tracking a seamless part of your business

Ease of use is vitally important. Look for a tracking system that integrates perfectly with your existing portals and effortlessly produces the reports and data you need. Make sure that system works for you and not the other way around.

Security is of fleet tracking data vital

Losing your data is a recipe for business disaster, so make sure the system you’re considering offers the security of back-up in multiple locations with no interruptions to service. Insist that all your data is securely encrypted.

Choose the right tracking equipment

Reject the one size fits all approach and find the technology that perfectly meets your needs. Do you need a tracker offering plug-n-play convenience or one that’s hard-wired to your vehicle? Do you need to keep track of your assets wherever they are in the world? Make sure you ask the hard questions that guarantee you get the equipment that’s perfect for your business.

Do you need a contract?

Getting locked into a long-term contract with a supplier that’s not meeting your needs can be an expensive, frustrating hassle that can set your business back for months. So it’s worth asking the question: do you actually need a contract?

Unlike other tracking service providers, Fleetdynamics doesn’t ask you to sign a lock-in contract. We like to keep it simple for you – pay your subscription, get your service and you’re free to leave at any time without penalty. We’re confident that our comprehensive range of tracking solutions will keep you loyal to us without a lock-in contract.

Talk to the experts in GPS and Fleet tracking

If you’re considering a fleet tracking contract for your business then you owe it yourself and your business to speak to the experts here at Fleetdynamics before signing anything. Please call us today on 1300 087 225 for an obligation free chat about how we can meet all your fleet tracking needs.

Can fleet tracking solve your business problems?
By Mark Schneider