A tracking solution designed for heavy vehicle, plant equipment 
or installations where external integrations are required.

This small, easy to use device can be readily installed into almost anything with a 5v-30v constant power source,
providing real-time positioning and reporting through the Fleetdynamics online portal.


This hardwired option offers a range of optional extras including remote shutdown, panic buttons, temperature monitoring and extended runtime. Best of all, it’s future-proof – any future add-ons will be perfectly compatible with your Hardwired tracker.

Our customers have found it perfect for tracking individual vehicles, lone worker safety, recovering stolen assets, FBT management and for many other uses. Chances are, it’s just the tool you’re looking for too. 

Fleetdynamics Product - Hardwired

Fleetdynamics offers a range of packages and 
bulk purchase options.

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