Tracking your vehicles’ movements has never been easier with the Fleetdynamics OBDII Plug-n-Play Tracker.

Simply plug it in to any vehicle with an OBDII Plug-n-Play port and the Fleetdynamics online portal does the rest,
giving you secure, real-time tracking and reporting of your valuable assets.


The Fleetdynamics OBDII Plug-n-Play unit offers many of the benefits of our hardwired GPS unit without the installation costs. It’s also perfect for businesses sharing a tracking device, because transferring it is as simple as unplugging it from one vehicle and plugging it into another. 

Our OBDll tracking device also has the ability to extract specific data from the vehicles computer where compatible. Data such as fuel level, RPMs, VIN and odometer readings are some of the options of what can be tracked. Fuel level, RPMs, VIN and odometer readings can all be monitored from vehicles with a compatible computer.

Fleetdynamics Product - OBDII

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